I am currently sending my second daughter to Montessori Day School. Both girls have absolutely loved it. They have very different personalities yet hop out happily in the morning and get picked up with smiles on their faces. They learn how to be with other children, lots of practical things, and plenty of academics as they are truly ready. We have been very happy with the attention they receive and the cost is definitely worth it. I was really worried because my second daughter can be a real handful yet she responds amazingly well to Miss Stephanie and is exploring all kinds of new things with her. The whole staff is helpful and friendly. It is an absolute comfort to know they are in such good hands during the day.” ~Trish S., preschool parent

We have two sons at MDS, ages 3 and 5, and have been very happy with our decision to choose this school. We toured and considered other Montessori and non-Montessori schools in the area but could tell very quickly that the culture and teaching philosophy at this school was the best match for us. We have one son in each of the preschool classrooms and are impressed with all of their teachers and the thoughtful way they interact with the children. The school itself is beautiful with bright, sunlit classrooms and amazing outdoor space. There is a nice, welcoming sense of community here and all of the staff know our sons, not just their teachers. Most importantly, our boys really enjoy going to school!” ~Kelly S., preschool parent

My son is a fifth grader at MDS this year. I have been so pleased by our experience with the school over the years. The individual attention wonderful for his academic learning, and the mixed-age classroom has offered him an opportunity to grow his social skills. I don’t hesitate to recommend MDS to other families – from toddler through elementary it’s a rigorous, supportive, inclusive, fun environment!” ~Hannah S., elementary parent

This is our second year at MDS and it has been such a blessing to us! My children have been in a variety of preschool environments and this was by far the best. The environment is so warm and welcoming – you really are like a family there. And the way that Melanie and Stephanie conduct their classrooms is wonderful. My children learned (and are learning) more than I could have imagined at MDS. More than multiple years at other schools combined. They love going to MDS and the new facilities are awesome.” ~Katie S., preschool parent

I have had four children go through this school over the past 11 years and have loved it. I have been amazed by the way the young kids can meaningfully and calmly focus on activities, learn new things and still have a wonderful time. The approach to teaching the kids has been consistent throughout the 11 years we’ve had contact with the school despite the inevitable teaching staff changes. The school is small enough that the community is close-knit.” ~Rachel D., preschool parent

My son started his pre-school experience at a different preschool in the area. He started in June 2011 and by mid-September he was crying every day and was very upset when we dropped him off in the morning. Montessori Day School was a blessing. We explained our situation to the MDS teachers and they got our son in for an evaluation and accepted him. He started on September 20th, given his horrific experience with the previous school; he was crying and kicking in the morning when we dropped him off. Within 3 days he was a different child. I remember on the first Saturday after he started, he woke up and wanted to go to MDS and was very upset that he did not have school that morning. He thrived at Montessori Day School. When he entered public school, academically he was ahead of his peers and continues to be. This year we took our second son and he loves it as well. My boys are the opposite of each other. One is an extravert and the other an introvert and they both thrive in the Montessori environment. If you are looking for a safe and happy place where your child can learn and grow, you should consider Montessori Day School.” ~Dita H., preschool parent

Jason and I have been so pleased with how well McKay’s academic skills and work habits have translated from the Montessori classroom to a traditional public school environment.  She started 1st grade a confident reader and a step ahead in math.  More important, her teacher has noted her ability to focus and tackle difficult tasks, her curiosity and her enthusiasm for learning. These are all traits I credit to her strong Montessori foundation.  We continue to thank Stephanie and the staff at Montessori Day School for giving McKay the skills and confidence to succeed in 1st grade.” ~Allison C., preschool parent